Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You Failed to Kill Kenny! You Bastards!

Some folks are saying that dear Faisal's smokey Nissan was a reaction to a bleeped-out Mohammed in a bear suit cartoon.

So he goes to Pakistan on an Allah-sponsored bomb-school scholarship, comes back, and decides to scorch Viacom's paint within two weeks of a cartoon non-insult?

I doubt it. Given the skill with which he made his bomb, he probably thought he was parked in New Jersey when he pulled the lanyard on his final exam.

Or maybe the timeline will show that he did jump the gun on his final project and was actually trying to kill cartoon characters animated in South Korea by obliterating a bunch of passers by in Times Square. If that's the case then Trey and Matt should be given the Congressional Medal of Honor for effing with the minds of the enemy so much that they tripped and impailed themselves on their own pointed shoes without hurting anyone.

Either way, score one for the Good Guys, eh?

Send more Pakistanis...


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