Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Know You Are But What Am I?

The whole Hutaree "white Christians are dangerous too!" thing struck me as pretty weak tea from the very beginning. Although fitting in well with the LordGodKing's decree that there is no such thing as Islamic extremism or terrorism and we're certainly not at war with them, I figured that it was more of a matter of publicizing a case beyond its weight class more than outright fabrication out of desperation.

But the lads at Shot In The Dark have pointed to an article that seems to indicate that the feds might have pulled an iron out of the fire before it was even lukewarm, let alone hot.

Go to their blog to RTWT.

Personally, I'm biased as all git-out but if it does turn out to be a crappy case and the Feds have to drop it, I'd be very interested in the fallout, or lack of same, that we'd see in the Fetid Bog Media.


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