Friday, April 30, 2010

Double-Plus Un-Drill, Baby, Double-Plus Un-Drill!

"We Can't Have Nice Things!" wails Obama.

So let me get this straight. Now Obama is an oil industry expert? So in addition to running car companies, health care, banks, student loans, and fly killing; and amidst running all over the world to spoon with our enemies and kick sand in the faces of our allies, the LordGodKing has stooped from his heavenly seat to somehow stop new offshore drilling?

Leaving aside the possible effects of such a pronouncement on our still-shaky economy, what are the possible reasons for such a ringing cry?

Every industry has accidents every day that kill people and damage property (another coal mine collapse just yesterday as a matter of fact). And this event lacks the immediacy of a mechanical flaw that grounds aircraft. But this is just a convenient excuse to make Obama seem like an active and declarative actor in something that he was going to let quietly happen anyway - the collapse of his supposed offshore drilling initiative.

We knew it wasn't going to happen, this version merely lets him preen a little.


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