Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Market Research

For my part time and full time jobs for a long long time, I stuck with phone bank market research. You know, the guy that called you at dinnertime and opened with "Hello, I'm Bob from QuestionSearch Market Research and tonight we're asking questions about mouthwash."

Or fast food. Or cigarettes. Or drinking and driving. Or HBO.

I've asked a lot of people a lot of questions. Interestingly-enough, I've been propositioned over the phone and threatened over the phone. I've talked to drunks on the phone, felons, fugitives, people in the process of shooting heroin, and the head of the U.S. Forest Service under Bush I.

One of the more popular scales to register opinion on is the follwing:

5 - Excellent
4 - Very Good
3 - Good
2 - Fair
1 - Poor

So far from my POV I'd call tonight as a solid 4. If the freak-wave had crashed in carrying folks like O'Donnell and McMahon, I'd be wondering if I could go higher than "Excellent", but as it stands it looks like we meet exectations and romp the House and gain strong in the Senate. To me that's Very Good. We can fight a strong holding action from the House because the House has the purse strings.

Locally things are still way up in the air. As I've learned in Minnesota so far, nothing is out of consideration.


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