Saturday, August 14, 2010

Opinions? Yeah, I've Got Opinions.

Over at a socio-political forum I hang out at, several topical threads are romping:

Ground Zero Mosque
Prop 8

Triggered by the Ground Zero Mosque thread, I've got the following to say:

It's a matter of taste and community and respect, not the 1st Amendment.

That said, the real problem is the fact that there's nothing else actually at the REAL Ground Zero yet. No one would notice a 13 story mosque if it were in the shadow of a hundred story metaphorical middle finger pointed at Mecca.

Muslims, illegals, grasping gay activists, power-drunk pols and sniveling academics - none of them would matter a whit if we would just blow the sand out of our red white & blue vagina and hold out heads high for AMERICA, the best and strongest and free-est place to live, breathe, and die on the whole damned planet.

People risk death to come here to clean our toilets, and some have to embrace death as the only way they can possibly hurt us. Strong horse? Weak horse? We're so strong we have the time and the lead to stop in the middle of the gorrammed race and ask the other runners if they need our help.

America, baby; Feck yeah.


Ed Rasimus said...

Franklin had it precisely right: "A republic, Madam. If you can keep it..."

The will to keep it is what is eroding frighteningly quickly.

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