Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad Data, No Biscuit!

What are the odds that yet another chunk of data used by the Carbonistas all these years is actually pure shite? Oh, about 100%. Courtesy of In the MIDDLE of the RIGHT, (hat tip to Borepatch, of course) we now know that bad satellite data has been included in the Carbonistas' datasets for years, and that they've known it was bad for years.

"The snuffed out satellite had been run continuously up until being taken offline soon after my article went viral (August 10, 2010) in which I exposed the full extent of how seriously degraded it’s sensors were. The automatic readings had been contaminated by hundreds, if not thousands, of false and absurdly high temperature readings, some as high as 612 degrees Fahrenheit (boiling point of water is 212 F.). We now know NOAA was aware of these outrageous anomalies at least since 2006 but they were not remedied ( see below)."

Now, for years I've been labeling people as fools for getting sucked into the "global warming" cult simply because it was not scientific, but I never disputed the temperature numbers they were given. I didn't believe them, mind you, but I never disputed them. Couldn't prove they were false, so I never argued that point. But I always figured there were lots of bad data in there because there was never any scientific evidence to support those numbers; and again, the Left - and "global warming" is a prime cult of the Left - will stop at nothing to further its agenda.

If the rallying cry of the Libertarian Right is "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch", or TANSTAAFL, then certainly the countercry of the Liberal Left must be "The Ends Justify All Means". or TEJAM.


doubletrouble said...

Maybe "The Oddball Ends Justify All Means":


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