Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's a Guy Thing

Apropos of nothing at all, here's one of my favorite jokes; favorite because it tells so much about being a guy.

I forget where I first read it, but I found it again here:

A young single guy finds himself stranded on a deserted island.
As he washes ashore, he sees a woman passed out in the sand.
Able to perform CPR on her, he saves her life. Suddenly, he
realizes that the woman is Cindy Crawford.

Immediately, Cindy falls in love with the man. Days and weeks
go by, and they're making passionate love morning, noon and night.
True Heaven on earth in the man's eyes.

Alas, one day she notices he's looking kind of glum. "What's
the matter, sweetheart?" she asks. "We have a wonderful life
together and I'm in love with you. Is there something wrong?
Is there anything I can do?"

He says, "Actually, Cindy, there is. Would you mind, putting
on my shirt and pants?"

"Sure," she says," if it'll help." He takes off his shirt and
pants and she puts it on.

"Okay, would you put on my hat now, and draw a little mustache
on your face?" he asks.

"Whatever you want, sweetie," she says, and does so.

Then he says, "Now, would you start walking around the edge of
the island?"

She starts walking around the perimeter of the island. He
sets off in the other direction. They meet up half way around
the island a few minutes later. He rushes up to her, grabs her
by the shoulders, and says, "Dude! You'll never believe who I'm
sleeping with!"


Lissa said...

*writes it down to tell to my dad*

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