Friday, October 2, 2009

When Toilet Paper is Outlawed....

... I predict Tam will be leading the resistance.
Folks, you can take my light bulbs and I'll grumble, you can make me smoke outside and I'll sulk, but listen to me now and believe me later, little pencil-necked environmentalist man: You had damned well better take my guns before you take my Charmin.
Nice one.

Me, I have a septic tank and the comfy toilet paper clogs it up good. So in my house we use the recycled stuff that would make an refugee from the Soviet gulag tear up and have flashbacks.


Ed Rasimus said...

It's becoming "one with the world". The European model has national toilet paper. Blindfold me and hand me some, I'll tell you what country I'm in. Italian is sort of like that slick deli-wrap they put the pastrami in. German is like the brown kraft-paper towels that come out of the dispenser when you wash your hands in the john. Spanish is a damp cloth handed to you by a little old lady in exchange for a small tip (don't be embarrassed, she's seen it all before.)

Asian, of course, is drip dry and try not to splash your shoes.

Give up your Charmin and save the planet!

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