Monday, August 24, 2009


Was at the MN Renaissance Festival this weekend. Went to the
Sisters of the Sahara show, because, well, duh.

Anyway, before the show, one of the very hot dancers begged of our group a boon:

She: "Excuse me, would one of you be willing to help us during the show?"
My friends, all pointing at me: "He will!"
She: "Will you?"
Me, wiping drool off chin: "Does it involve me humiliating myself?"
She: "Oh, no."
Me: "Really?"
She: "Well, honestly, yes."
Me: "Okay."

So I got to get "dragged" onstage with four half-naked, beautiful belly dancers and be a shmuck for a few minutes. I consider that a win.

I can also report that a Kydex IWB keeps a S&W 638 in full concealment under T-shirt and overshirt when one is pulled onstage to humiliate oneself with four sexy belly dancers.

So someone might've heard this after the show:

Me: "Man, she was tying the knot of that sash right over my pistol."
Buddy: "They're professionals - I'm sure they're used to that reaction."
Me: "I'm not talking about my ****, dumbass, I'm talking about my .38."
Buddy: "Oh... Oh!"

So even if you don't get to have that much fun, everyone should go to a Ren Fair at least once. They're great for people-watching if nothing else.


Tam said...

They are, much like SF cons, someplace where I get to feel flat fricken' normal for a day when compared to the people around me.

It's not often that I get to point and laugh and say "Nerd!" :D

Atom Smasher said...

Exactly! Oh, I forgot funny moment # 327:

Walking along with my friends, beer in one hand, hickory smoked jerky in the other, big round be-costumed fellow bellows across the "street" to someone else: "Do you play World of Warcraft? I said, DO YOU PLAY WORLD OF WARCRAFT??"

And I'm thinking "He's asking that question here? What answer other than "Yes" can he possibly expect?

Jay G said...


Here's where Jay throws down his nerd cred.

Went to King Richard's Faire with a buddy of mine a few years back. I'm in full "barbarian" garb, leather armor, broadsword, chain mail, etc.

He's wearing a Star Trek uniform.

He gets an audience with the king, to discuss warp drive...

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