Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Two Bite the Dust

Nomination Follies Continue.

"President Obama's nomination for Surgeon General, Sanjay Gupta, has withdrawn his name from contention. That comes on the heels of the Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's choice for his deputy withdrawing her name:"

You know, there was a time during the 2008 campaign right after the RNC when Obama's numbers were dropping and he was stumbling from gaffe to gaffe and taking heat for the first time, where I actually felt sorry for him. His contentless and remorseless robocampaign was showing its soft underbelly and the poor dumbass looked and sounded like the vacuous deer in the headlights he always has been.

Then all the money blew up and the electorate bleated its way to the slick new guy and his fellow Dems, whoopty-doo. And here I am again - I actually feel a little sorry for the guy. He may be a big-government high-tax soft-headed lefty-liberal with no appreciation for this country and the office of President, but he's been drumming himself in the jimmysack for 45 straight days or so now, and it's starting to get painful to watch.


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