Thursday, February 19, 2009

In Which I Save The Earth From Destruction (But Sacrifice Mars)

Maybe I shouldn't have let Fang and Squeaky watch Star Wars: Episode 4

I had the following conversation with my 5-year old, Fang.

Fang: I'm going to build a battle station that has the power to destroy a planet.

Me: The power of your battles station is insignificant in comparison to the power of the Force.

Fang: The Force gives a Jedi his power. It holds the universe togther.

Me: Right.

Fang: Well, I'm still going to build a battle station and then I'm going to blow up the Earth.

Me: Don't you live on the earth too?

Fang: No, Ill live in the battle station.

Me: What about me? I live on the earth.

Fang: I guess Ill blow you up too.

Me; Thats not very nice.

Fang: OK. I won't blow up the earth. Ill check the other planets to see if anyone's living on them, and then if nobody is, I'll blow them up. Like Mars.

Me: What did Mars do to you?

Fang: Nothing. It would just be cool.


porcus said...

is this for real?
if so i am duly impressed with fang's ambition for world dominance and his precocious understanding of the force...

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