Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In The Not Too Distant Future...

I'm a huge "movie riffing" fan. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (RIP), RiffTrax, Cinematic Titanic - I love 'em all.

Some of the most fun is to be had when they take on the beloved "shorts" - usually small snippet serials, PSAs, or similar drek that we may have had to sit through in junior high to learn why we fervently wanted to touch a girl's boobies and also why we couldn't.

Because I need a break from politics I'll post a small list of favorites I put up on a forum a year or so ago:

I like 'em all, but...

Are You Ready For Marriage? kills me every single time. "Herr Oberst!"

Design For Dreaming. And I never even did any drugs. Now I don't have to. Plus the Charise-esque dancer is really hot and Mike's simple "I call no way." about the instant cake baker still makes me laugh.

A Date with Your Family. What can I say? If I'd grown up in the 50s my parents would have had dinner like that every night. It was tense enough in the 70s. After all, "Emotions are for ethnic people."

And of course, A Day at the Circus, because watching clowns wrap legs and broom each other's clowny bottoms is like being stabbed through the brain with a rainbow, and I like that sort of thing.


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