Sunday, January 18, 2009

Senate Seat, Senate Seat, Who's Got the Senate Seat?

I'll admit my political morale is pretty broken. First having to accept McCain as the Republican nominee, then having think of good things to say about him, then watching him coast to a handy defeat at the hands of a neophyte radical lefty. And in two days this Chicago machine clown will touch Lincoln's Bible upon his swearing-in.

It's been a rough few months.

But at least I knew the worst couldn't happen, and that Al Franken, the unfunniest funnyman since Richard Belzer, simply couldn't really become a Senator from my state. "Isn't it bad enough" I wouldn't have to wail to the gods of representation, "that my actual Congressman is a liberal jagoff who thinks his first term in office is a great time to go on his little Haj to Mecca and have it paid for by a group that was founded by, and is essentially an American chapter of, the Muslim Brotherhood?"

(I'd stress the fact that he also initially lied about having paid for it himself, but lies from politicians never seem to really bother liberals so I've made a Resolution to stop yapping about simple things like lying to the public.)

But alas, in the second phase of the post-election mishmash that we Minnesotans have enjoyed over the past few months, Franken's vote margin, abley and eagerly assisted by the Democratic Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, has swung from a couple hundred downish to a couple hundred uppish. And it's sat like a late-night Taco Bell mistake in my belly. But there seems to be some hope, hopefully not illusory and desperate:

Says Ron Carey of

"Why, if they claim to have a lead, are they so desperately anxious to put Al Franken in a Senate seat?

Simple: They know Norm Coleman is going to win the election contest. And here’s why:

Norm Coleman won on election night and he continued to lead throughout the administrative canvassing process that followed. In the next stage – the administrative recount – Minnesota law restricted what the state Canvassing Board could consider, and in the end the Board certified numbers that are premature, inaccurate and not valid."

I really, really hope he's right, and that I'm not simply whistling past that graveyard. Because come on, Jesse Ventura and then Franken? What's wrong with the enfranchised in my chosen home state?


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