Sunday, January 26, 2014

Again with the No Degrees

It's 2 out right now at 7:20pm.  That's 2F.  Earlier today as I was shoveling the few inches of snow we got the last couple of days, it was 17, but the wind was coming up.  A wind, once it really gets howling later on tonight, could pretty much kill you.

Because it's going to be -20 without the wind.  Yeah, -20.  And the wind is going pretty good right now as it is.  I'm glad I got the new windows in last year.

Now, I'm in the wussy East part of the state in the Twin Cities, not the manly Western parts near the Dakotas that are getting real blizzard-die-die-die conditions right now.  So, I'll probably be able to see the road tomorrow as I head into work.  Of course, everyone with kids is going to no-doubt have to deal with school closings again, so at least I'll get a good parking space.

A couple of weeks ago it was -24 when I woke up at 7am or so.  -24.  But that was a pretty calm day.  I don't envy me, my morning.

It seems like every day since December 1st, save 4 or 5, has been either below zero, snowing, or both.

No point to any of this, really, I just like to remind myself about the people who handled all this 200 years ago in sod huts.