Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is This Thing On?

Wow, that was a longer break than I'd anticipated.

The combo of the gut-punch that was November 6th, having a semi-surprise house guest's stay stretch longer than anticipated, holiday "recharge" plans aborted, work going crazy, and having part of my house torn apart for a bathroom and window remodel for a while took it all out of me.   Extended social contact is not a strength in my family at the best of times, and I wearied: spent a lot of time in my office playing 15 year old computer games, feeling like butter scraped over too much bread, and not interacting much with folk.

But I'm in my 6th day of "Raw February" (nothing cooked, nothing processed), feeling good, regaining a little gleam in the eye, starting to pay more attention to something other than how fast I can kill the Guardian in Master of Orion 2 and get Damper Field tech.

And I notice the gun thing, especially right here in Minnesota, where they want to take anything with a mag/clip/feed cap over 7.  Hm.  Color me unsurprised, and almost uncaring.  Elections have consequences, dear-hearts, and the whirlwind's comin'.


Marstov said...

I will be very surprised if anything actually passes. The only reason this issue has traction right now is because of the unusually vile nature of the recent school shooting. However, virtually none of the remedies under consideration except dramatically expanded mental health efforts would have made any difference at Newtown. Lack of a high capacity magazine might have lowered the body count, but probably not by much if at all.

Too many people in Minnesota hunt, and there is far, far too much money to be made off of guns for any serious changes to the gun laws. A national assault weapons ban might make some progress, but I don't think it will pass either given that budget issues are a much more pressing issue.

The truth of the matter as I see it is that this isn't a solvable problem without changes that most people won't accept to our culture. Just like we'll always have traffic accidents, we'll always have horribly messed up individuals using guns to murder the innocent.

Plus, as I said earlier, there's lots of money to be made selling guns. Way, way WAY too much to let anyone enact any laws that would seriously reduce the revenue stream.

Old Windways said...

Ahhh, I remember MoO2, good times. There is something very therapeutic about immersing yourself in the classic games of the 90's.

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