Thursday, October 11, 2012

Self Promotion

Had the night off work so I watched the Veep debate. (Disclosure: I'm a pretty enthusiastic Romney/Ryan guy.)

The big story is going to be the "about even on points but wow, Biden was an absolute creepy fuckstick the whole time, eh?" analysis.  But since Meataxe & I chatted back & forth during the debate I'd like to post the points I made that I'm most enamored of:

Giving Ryan an opportunity to talk about Medicare is like giving Peter North an opportunity to fill a specimen cup.
 and Biden just turned up the cackling prick factor to 11
we did A-gan right.  Pay the shitholes to fuck the worse shitholes with minimal footprint
then some chowdah-head decides we have to surge in the shittiest place on the planet

Ryan should say "Look, the whole REASON I'm on this ticket is because a Trillion is a really big fucking number, people.  You don't run from a Trillion.  Even Hans Gruber said that if you steal $600 you can simply disappear but if you steal 600 MILLION they WILL find you unless you're already dead.  And a trillion is more than 600 million.  Yippe-ki-yay, motherfuckers."

 I want a townhall forum here int he Twin Cities where I can ask Ryan if he has any .45 long Colt he could spare.
They should let me & Meataxe moderate the next one. I think I'd go for the Mark Levin style:

"You're an idiot and that's not an answer!"
"You - Haircut - you say you can do better than the current pack of clowns.  How?!?"
I'd enjoy it, anyway.


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