Sunday, May 27, 2012

Somebody Has a New Toy, and that Somebody is Me.

Atom Smasher: "I don't go to the range enough."
MeatAxe: "Cease thy ruminations and obtain for thyself an MP15-22."
Atom Smasher: "Aye."

Was going to go break it in today, feeling too lazy (and I am working the holiday tomorrow) so will go read in the sun instead.  But I am looking forward to next Saturday - every purchase at Bill's gets you a free range ticket, so it's a guaranteed good time.

It's so LIGHT!


Old Windways said...

Congrats! While I don't own one myself (I have a spike's tactical 22 upper that lives on a plum crazy lower), every one I know that has one absolutely loves it. Happy shooting!

MeatAxe said...

Nice!! This will prove to be a great day.

San Diego Wedding Photographer said...

I wanted to have a gun ever since I was a child. I was only holding a toy but never experienced holding a real one. Your gun seems to be nice. I want to have like that one.

MeatAxe said...

Good luck getting one of those in California. It has a 25 round detachable magazine and a collapsible stock.

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