Sunday, April 29, 2012

Potassium Nitrate + charcoal + Sulfur = Fun!

I went to the range today for the first time in TOO LONG. Started with my favorite semi-auto, my Steyr M9 (9mm): Dialed myself in at 15 feet, was reasonably happy with the results. After 20 or so rounds, moved the paper to 21 feet, and aside from a serious case of "death grip" to the point where my hand was literally shaking, relaxed enough to be satisfied with the 100 rounds I put through it.

I like my M9.

Next was my alternate carry piece, my Taurus Millennium Pro .45. My fellow gun nuts all tell me that Taurus products suck and are unreliable, but I fed yet another 100 rounds of .45 through the thing and with nary a hiccup and was reasonably satisfied with my accuracy. Still need more practice, of course, but I'm happy (albeit not ecstatic) with where the holes in the paper appeared.

With all the "work" done, I switched to my true calling - my Ruger Vaquero in .45 long Colt and a Zombie target. 50 rounds at 21 feet. And what can I say? I'm good.

Single action cowboy gun, never using the sights, simple old-fashioned point shooting with gun raised up and held between belt and eyeline, and I'll say it:

I'm good. Really really good. Not great. But good.

When the zombie apocalypse comes, I'll have "better", more modern guns, because I'm not stupid, but strapped to my right leg will be a big-ass, honking SA revolver. Because the bullets all go where I think they should without any effort.

And the best part is that I equipped and dragged 3 pistols to the range and used them, and completely forgot about the snubbie S&W Airweight .38 I had in my pocket. Never even thought to put a round through it.

I love America and my part in it.


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