Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dropping Things from Space, the Final Frontier

I'm not going to thump my chest for an American company doing cool things related to an American product, because there are one or two other places on the planet that could have paired the same things. Well, maybe a little chest-thumping.

More importantly, the cool factor of testing your iPad protective case by DROPPING IT ONTO THE GROUND FROM SPACE (even just weather-balloon-popping space), is just too nifto-keano.

Talk about resetting the bar:

"Hey Bob, nice holster you got there. Have you DROPPED IT FROM SPACE yet?"

"Well gee, Winston, I don't that's really a relevant test of -"

"Later, loser, I'm going to go buy some shoes that somebody DROPPED FROM SPACE."

"Oh yeah, well that's just fine, dickweed! Dammit, gotta get me a damned weather balloon and a spare .38, -grumble-..."


tanksoldier said...

Dropping it from the edge of space is no different than dropping it from whatever height would allow it to achieve terminal velocity. It's a cool stunt, but just a stunt.

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