Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tom Friedman is Full

...of guilt.

Apparently he's forgotten all the other scares about resources and food and oil and water and air that have been around for centuries, and how none of them played out at all, and feels so bad about being at the top of the food chain and using up scarce resources that he goes to... Yemen.

This is not science fiction. This is what happens when our system of growth and the system of nature hit the wall at once. While in Yemen last year, I saw a tanker truck delivering water in the capital, Sana. Why? Because Sana could be the first big city in the world to run out of water, within a decade. That is what happens when one generation in one country lives at 150 percent of sustainable capacity.

And how did this whiner GET to Yemen? Did he take Shank's Ponies the whole way? Row a dugout? Jump real high and wait to come down when Africa rotated to underneath him?

Naw, I bet he rode on one o' them aero-plane contraptions and even had a crappy in-flight sandwich and bag of pretzels.

That's a lot of Carbon there, Tommy. All to get you to Yemen. Did you need to be in Yemen? (And really, does anyone really need to be in Yemen?) Do you cry yourself to sleep each night over the guilt of going to Yemen and spitting all of that death-smoke out of your sky demon to get there? Or are you just eager to make sure no one else gets a chance to go to Yemen? (Umm, thank you?)

The inherent mental ass-hattery required to be a member of the Environment Religion is truly astounding. There is simply no real thought behind it - it doesn't stand up to two seconds of applied science and every single sacrament (warming, acid rain, cooling, overpopulation) has been shown to be false or falsified. And I have good friends who believe this stuff - I'm embarrassed for them.

But anyway, the question remains - does Tommy Friedman want to squat in front of a mud hut and paw grubs out of a wooden bowl all his life? Or does he want to fly to Yemen so he can write articles about how we should be the ones doing that?

I know how I'd bet, and I've got a full boat: Earths over Tommies.


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