Friday, May 6, 2011

"Wipe Them Out. All of Them. Yes, Even My Huckleberry.""

So, our health care system is so terrible that it needed to be plowed with salt last year, but starting with a call to the clinic at 10:30am and ending with me walking back in the door of my house at 1pm, I and my awful cough/laryngitis had a non urgent-care appointment, saw a nurse and a doc, got throat swabbed, blood drawn, and chest X-rayed, chest listened to; and tested out negative for Strep, bronchitis, and pneumonia. All in 2.5 hrs.

Yeah, that's... awful. Let's never have to put up with that again.


And for the curious, the Doc confirmed what I'd figured - my pollen allergies are simply kicking in and having fun with the soft tissues and upper respiratory that my bad cold this last weekend ravaged. So my lucky coworkers get to have another couple of days of listening to me cough like Doc Holliday and wheeze like Emperor Palpatine.


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