Saturday, April 16, 2011

Guns, and the Obtaining of Same

So some money recently fell out of the sky into my lap parts, and I figure some of it should go to a gun. Some other of it is going to one of the following:

A cabinet humidor - because I smoke a fair amount of cigars, ordering them online in bulk is super effing cheap IF you have the storage space for them, and let's face it - it's extravagent and cool.

A new laptop. Because I need one.

But after those I'm still going to have some cash to throw around. At the moment nothing boomstick-wise is jumping out at me, but here's the list of possibles:

A new SA revolver. The modern stuff is fun and all, but I have to say, my first best destiny in handguns is a big ol' hogleg. My shooting style groks old-school cowboy guns bigtime.

A coach gun. For cool points I wouldn't mind an external hammer double-barrelled shotgun.

A 1911. I don't have one. Seems wrong somehow.

A CETME. I like the looks and heft, and the size of the bullet it throws.

A Ruger Mini-14 offering. I stumbled on these the other day. I like the looks of the wood-furnitured one with the 20 rd mag, and MeatAxe says 5.56 is fun to shoot. I rate this one as VERY tempting.

A CMP M1. No explanation needed.

Now, if I committed to any of the last three I'd need to also commit to finding a good outdoor range, so that's a factor.

Anybody want to chime in with advice?


Julie said...

1911, of course ... :)

Thomas said...

As someone who has a CMP M1, a CMP M1 Carbine, a 1911, SA revolvers etc, I gotta say go with the CMP M1 Garand. You can get a decent one (one or two grades up from the bottom) for about $600 delivered straight to your door. The M1 Garand is the one, and from the CMP it's an unbeatable deal! In fact you can get the CMP M1 for less than what a decent 1911 would cost. Unlike 1911s, they're not making any more 1940s M1s and one day the CMP will run out... get yours now! Also pick up a few cans of the excellent HXP Greek 30-06 ammo on the en bloc clips.

Anonymous said...

Just so you'll know the internet commandos HATE the CETME. But... they are a hoot to shoot and as accurate as any milsurp. Beyond that, it sounds like a good start.

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