Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are We Still Talking About This?

I was struck over the last couple of days by a few things I saw linked over at Big Hollywood - Michael Moore doing his racism projection dance about Obama onto conservatives, John Stewart and his Obama = Luke Skywalker thing.

My reaction was "who cares?" Sure, I still think the President is a creature of low character and high dudgeon, but after the midterm blowout, what does it matter anymore? A few more executive orders to strangle the economy, a few more foreign policy moves designed to weaken the nation, sure; he'll do that. But without the House his ability to hurt this country in substantial ways is incredibly diminished.

So, is he a completely lame duck yet? Nahh, not really, but he was pretty lame to start with, and he's limping pretty badly at this point. I'm in favor of letting him waddle to a corner and quack to himself for his remaining term, and after that we can clean up and forget about him.


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