Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We Sure Got Dumb and Mean In A Hurry.

Wow, the electorate sure got stupid in a hurry. Just 2 years ago choirs of angels sang as we elected Obama, and all was right with the world. Now the voters are greedy, small minded, easily-manipulated morons. That was quick.


Anonymous said...

That is the most astute post I've seen written about the midterms. It works both ways as well, with the "stupid" Obama voters suddenly getting smarter. Either way, they're wrong. (Both pundits and politicians.)

The truth is that most midterms swing against the party in power and that most voters lie somewhere in between the party extremes. The condescension on display from the left is truly horrendous as they assume that the public is too stupid to make smart choices.

At least the condescension on the right implies that Americans are getting smarter and seeing the error of their previous selection.

I would imagine that things would have gone smoother for the (former) party in power if they (especially the president) hadn't pushed so hard to make the government an insurance provider, car manufacturer and banking institution.

These decisions all went against the desires of most Americans. As if pushing your pet projects through wasn't enough, he then failed to pull back any of the government excesses left in place by his predecessor, especially those which clearly stomp all over basic human rights and sacrifice privacy for security theater.

If he could have at least trimmed back some overbearing government control, he might have had an easier time convincing the public (and his own party members) that health care, et al was in good hands with the government.

The other ugliness surfacing in the left's constant critique of "greedy, small-minded" voters is the implications of racism. Undoubtedly, there are some racists within the so-called Tea Party, but the assumption is that this kind of backlash wouldn't be present with a white man in charge.

That's the problem with mid-to-upper-class white guilt. It tends to project. If that's what this all boils down to in their minds (the left), then sooner or later the only thing they'll have left to defend is his "blackness."

If you close your eyes and listen to the legislation, you'd be convinced it was just another white Democrat lying somewhere north of age 65 pushing paper around the White House. Save the unions (teachers/auto)? Sounds like just another old-school Dem to me. Extend the welfare state? Why, that could be anybody from the last 100 years of Democrat presidents.

Where in holy fuck is the man who wanted to undo the damage done by 8 years of paranoia? Presumably he was too busy saving the US from itself while showing a complete disregard for the wishes of his electorate.

All in all, I remain a devout political atheist. I've had it with this "every vote counts" and "civic duty" bullshit. Until someone can actually step up and give me a reason to vote, I'm not punching or pushing or touchscreening or whatever for another candidate who traffics in the same old self-interested shit the moment they step into office.

As for John Boehner: I liked the fact that he'd never added pork to any of his bills, but when push comes to shove, he's completely unwilling to make any tough budget decisions out of fear that the Medicare/Soc. Security crowd will vote his teary-eyed ass out of office. He's just as hooked on insider kool-aid as the rest.

MeatAxe said...

Thanks, Lion Tamer. There's a lot to think about in your comment. I like the "devout political atheist" line. That belongs on a t-shirt, by Zoroaster.

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