Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Short Peek Into the Reek

Atom Smasher: happy tuesday?
MeatAxe: if by happy you mean no net increase in misery, sure.
MeatAxe: how are things in minnesota?
Atom Smasher: 8 million degrees, 5000% humidity.
Atom Smasher: it's like living in the Sun, if the sun were made of hot cheese
MeatAxe (5:45:57 PM): if it were, the swiss would have colonized it already, and would be flying there on starships made of croutons.
Atom Smasher (5:46:48 PM): banking would be tough
Atom Smasher (5:46:50 PM): but safe


Midwest Chick said...

Guys, I'm glad to know that things in your head are as weird as things in mind. I'm also happy that I wasn't drinking or eating while reading this because I would have ruined my keyboard.

Atom Smasher said...

And I'm glad to know my blogpartner is back from assignment. :)

Midwest Chick said...

Hey guys, there's something that's making it take FOREVER for your blog to load. It's looking for www.truthlaidbare.com, I think. I'm running Firefox, if that makes a difference.

MeatAxe said...

Just another day in paradise

@Midwest -- Thanks. I took that element out and it seems faster now....

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