Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shooty Goodness

FINALLY. Been embarassingly forever since I've squeezed a trigger, and my accuracy today showed it.

I only used two - Steyr M9 and Taurus Millenium Pro .45.

The Steyr, as always, felt like a natural extension. As bad as I was, it was better, and I grouped almost-satisfactorally at 21 ft.

The Taurus? As always, low and the right. Low and to the right. It usually takes me a box of rounds before I get used to the sights (the M9 sights are triangular, the Taurus, traditional post), and this time I went even deeper before I figured out how best to make the holes appear kind of where I wanted them. Anyway, another 100 rds through the Taurus with nary a cough or choke. So far it's eaten anything I've fed it. I like it.

There's a decent-looking used .20 gauge at the store and it almost came home with me.


Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Now that I'm done paying rent and a mortgage, maybe I'll be able to get some ammo money set aside, I too have not been to the range in far, far too long.

I'm glad I'm not the only one whose Taurus shoots low. Mine's a bit extreme, though - at about 21 feet it will completely miss the target if I use a normal sight alignment. I have to line the top of the rear sight up with the top-front of the slide to get on target. If everyone else who's picked it up hadn't had the same problem, I'd say it was me and not the gun.

MeatAxe said...

Well, I don;t know if I'm a valid datum. The triangle/trapezoid sights on my Steyr have me used to this configuration:


so whenever I use the Taurus I reflexively put the top of the front blade even with the top of the rear sight instead of poking above. That contributes significantly to my poor aim.

Which actually makes me glad, now that I know it - I was afraid .45 was simply too much for me, which would make me sad, because I like it.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"so whenever I use the Taurus I reflexively put the top of the front blade even with the top of the rear sight instead of poking above."

That is the usual (and traditional) configuration, with the top edge of the front blade indicating where you want the shot to hit. It's what I want for my sights, especially on a self-defense weapon intended to be used in a high-stress situation where I'm likely to revert to the way I've been trained to do things for the last 25 years. Especially since all my other guns are set up the 'traditional' way.

I've just got to find some replacement sights that do what I want and fit that particular gun and that I can afford.

Atom Smasher said...

If I could put the M9 trapezoids on my other guns I would - great sight picture.

Tam said...

Do you shoot left-handed?

Atom Smasher said...


(just saw this, sorry) Nope, I'm a righty.

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