Friday, April 23, 2010

In Which We Restore Your Faith In Government

You will be as astonished as I am to learn that the passage of the health care bill will make it harder to balance the budget.

You had better sit down for the next one and ensure that you have a nourishing and restorative drink handy. It turns out that some people at the SEC were ignoring their responsibilities and instead of watching out for nogoodniks, they were downloading giant amounts of PORN. 

Well, if this doesn't restore your faith in the benevolent hand of our central government, I dunno what will.


Atom Smasher said...


My favorite "meme" to have emerged from the last couple of days is the "REPUBLICANS THOUGHT OF IT FIRST!" chant. Some moderate Repubs thought of some similar ideas years ago, so that removes the stink of breaking all accepted rules of procedure to pass a law no one wants (and that no one responsible for it has read) from the Democrats?

Truly we have been enslaved by children. Next up; floating in a big white dome with the crowd of under-30s yelling "Renew! Renew!"

Sarah said...

Is there any particular reason why we haven't reintroduced tarring and feathering? Just wondering...

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