Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hand? Have Some Ham

Coupla places are talking about a supposed shipment of bunker-busters to Diego Garcia - linky - and what that could mean.

Awesome blogbuddy Borepatch has posted an "I wonder" entry pointing out a possible Wag the Dog scenario: Dems and prez in big trouble politically, known to be weak on defense, allies pissed off, Jewish voter bloc to be appeased, so Obama pulls a Clinton and fires some missiles to distract the electorate.

Now, I love the movie Wag the Dog, at least the first 2/3 before it slows down, but as far as this President actually going so far as to pull the trigger, I don't buy it. I simply can't see Obama doing anything that would help allies, make us look strong, respond to a voter bloc, or hurt Iran. He's a punk, and a coward, and would much rather whine for the next 3 years about how the Republicans are big ol' meanies (assuming Obamacare is defeated and his presidency crippled) than compromise; and responding to real political events, however clumsily, would mean a compromise on his part.

In my opinion the initial news report itself is suspect, in my opinion. It's another Eurorag whining about the warmongering U.S. and I take anything it claims with many huge grains of salt.

Now, I certainly respect the ability of a Doveish Democrat to lash out with our military in spastic and untimely ways, but I personally doubt that, even if true, this movement of GBU penetrators will actually end up with them nosing into Iranian nuclear facilities.


Borepatch said...

spastic and untimely

Made of win and covered with awesomesauce, right there.

Atom Smasher said...

I once told the VP of the small company I worked for, in an open employee meeting, that his ideas over the previous couple of quarters were "haphazard and ill-conceived". My immediate boss bought me dinner. :)

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