Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yay, Me.

I was poking around on the Gym Jones website the other day looking for something new to add into my workout, and I came across a routine that began "Work up to heavy deadlift". That's something I hadn't done in a while, so I scribbled it down and off I went.

After some  warmup and pacing about in a determined manner, I put up 305, twice. Hence the title: yay me.

The rest of the routine went like this:  superset 10 deadlifts @115% of bodyweight with 25 box jumps on a 24" box. 3 times.

I managed the deadlifts, but I only did 10 box jumps and it was more like an 18" box. 

Then you do 30 seconds of dumbell push presses with 30 seconds of "rest" with the dbs extended overhead. 4x. Ouch. I didn't quite make it all the way through that, either.

Finished up with piston-pushups and some springing tripods.

Anyone else got a favorite site or workout ideas?


Atom Smasher said...

You're guilting me, aren't you? :)

MeatAxe said...

No way. i have a reason to put myself through this -- the 17 year olds at practice stuff me like a turkey every time, and I'm getting tired of it.

Anonymous said...

That suques, don't it? I have a just turned 16 YO son who squats 425 and benches 315. He has some guns on him. I'm still the 135 lb weakling.

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