Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This Was Definitely the Droid I was Looking For

By the way, I just have to show off one of Xmas presents I got for myself.

I now have the BEST PC CASE EVER running in my office.

My digicam is kaput so the product pics will have to serve, but it looks as good or better than the pics there. I've been looking for a non-custom case styled like this for years, and stumbled on this one a week or so before Xmas. It took all of five minutes for me to blow my Xmas budget and click "gimme!". It fits the internals I use, has plenty of room for airflow, and the quietest fan I've ever had. Plus it's the coolest case on the planet. So Fat Max (my big wheeled aluminum floor case that I've used since I bought this place in 2001) got retired to the basement to get some new insides cobbled together from piles of spares.

Did I mention it looks really awesome? Especially since I've painted my office red and hung the Giant Art I bought this summer in there?


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