Friday, January 29, 2010

The Hunt For Geek October

So a chick on the Training team a couple of cubicles over is yakking on the phone with tech support over some login/password issue, and she's reading off characters in the NATO-phonic alphabet - "Alpha" "Foxtrot" "Sierra", etc. - and while I'm hearing this, images from the PC Harpoon database of Soviet submarines keep flashing through my head.

Pieces of junk, all of them really, but they were fun to hunt & sink on my old 286.

Anyone know whether there is a good replacement for the HazeGray naval site these days since that one hasn't been updated in a while?


Borepatch said...

I remember playing "688 Attack Sub" back in the 286/386 days. Awesome game.

Oh, and I'll bet there's more than a few folks with a password spelled "Papa-Alpha-Sierra-Sierra-Whiskey-Oscar-Romeo-Delta". Just sayin' ...

Atom Smasher said...

"Password Strength: Are You Effing Kidding me?"

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