Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Hi. I'm Regular Stormy."

(Title will make sense only to fans of Sealab 2021.)

So I'm reading another good post by Steyn over on the Corner, and all I can think of is that we have to start making all guys named Abdul or Mohammed fly naked in a big, jettisonable plexi pod in the back of the plane. Any of 'em get twitchy, and -poosh!- it's "Go find Commander Finney!" time for the lot.

Yeah, that time it was Star Trek.

Anyway, someone's no doubt going to whine & squeal about discrimination, but Eff 'em, right in the A. It'ud be no worse than the discrimination my mother, a septagenarian white gal lineaged down from the Mayflower, will have to go through tomorrow at the airport for her flight back to Taxachussetts; shoes off, air blown around her, possible luggage search, no liquids, no moving around on the flight, etc., etc.

I'm tired of fecking Islam and its attendant asshattery. Gorram tired. So go blow yourselves and your children up all the live-long day and leave the civilized world to argue over things without killing innocents. Or fix yourselves. But either way, stay away from my mom, you Jihadi fuckos.


JSN said...

If only King George the III hadn't been such a wuss and demanded that all the rebels submit to strip search every time they interacted with the Colonial gendarmerie.

Wait, the shoe-bomber guy was half-British, half-Jamaican, so we obviously need to strip and contain anyone who is partially Jamaican, if we _really_ want to cover our bases.

In fact, people should just give up all their rights if their parents raised them Muslim.

Anonymous said...

There's a simple solution.
Tell the airlines "You're on your own", and "no regulations", and see what they do.
I suspect a few Abdullahs would get shot by their fellow passengers, and things would be golden again. Actually, AA would probably keep the gun ban, while Southwest would probably drop it, and there'd only be attacks on AA for awhile because no one with the sense to calculate success probabilities would touch a plane that let its passengers, or just its flight crew, fly armed.

I have no reason to believe AA would be less sensible, or Southwest more...just preference, I suppose, and the money-grab AA has done with bags lately.

You know...their probably going to find a minimum wage employee at one of the secure-side burger-joints smuggled it in for him, two flights back, which means any additional "security" they inflict upon the passengers at the interface between the secure and non-secure sides is meaningless.

Atom Smasher said...

JSN sez "In fact, people should just give up all their rights if their parents raised them Muslim."

As opposed to me giving up my life because I *wasn't* raised Muslim? I'll continue to point the finger at the source of the problem, thanks.

Midwest Chick said...

Once Islam starts policing their own then they can be treated like civilized beings instead of like children with explosives.

Are there a lot of Muslims who aren't jihadis? Yes. Do they denounce and out the folks that they know are jihadis? No. That makes them culpable.

The government is using asshats like the crotch bomber to take away more of my rights under the rubric of non-profiling. Until the rest of the Muslims step up to the plate, they can have a double-helping of what everyone else is having to deal with.

Atom Smasher said...

Agreed, Midwest Chick.

I've said for years, for instance, that the simplest and easiest solution for the problems between Israel and the palestinian Orcs is for the palestinians to police their own. Set up palestinian checkpoints on the palestinian side within view of crossing points, force their own to show that they are devoid of bombs, arms, or the like.

Invite international cameras, etc.

Israel would have no choice but to allow cleared folks entry, and would be able to treat them with respect, etc. because they'd've already been screened within view of all. It would be a true demonstration that "some" do not speak for "all" in the case of palestinians.

Bam. Problem over.

Similar efforts are necessary with respect to Islam as a whole. Until then, I condemn them all.

Deal with it.

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