Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well I Stand Up Next to Reason, and I Chop It Down With The Edge of My Hand

I heard this bad joke recently:

So this devout Muslim guy walks onto an Army base.

He yells "Allahu Akbar!" and shoots 40 unarmed soldiers, killing 13 of them.

Turns out he considered himself more Muslim than American, contacted known al Qaeda sympathizers, and had been under investigation by the FBI at one point.

And a few days later, a large number of yammerheads are assigning blame to every single part of his life except his religion which commands him to slay infidels.

It appears this is a joke without a punchline, sorry.


Pop N Fresh said...

I still want them to use that new hate crime bill they toted so loudly for..............oh wait that only works if the victims aren't average Americans

Midwest Chick said...

I think your third paragraph says it all. When someone thinks of himself as something OTHER than American first, and that other is inimical to American life, then this happens. And the PC cops were on this so fast that my head spun.

Check out Pam Geller's article on Shariah on American Thinker.

Lissa said...

(thought I posted this earlier)

There's a punchline, all right. Didn't you ever see Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

"I like to vary the details a bit, but the punchline is . . . you die."

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