Monday, September 21, 2009

Gun-Fearing Wussie Alert: Massachussets Edition

I got this in an electronic mail on my computer device today from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

ANTI-GUN GROUPS TARGET GUN CLUBS IN MASSACHUSETTS . . . Resurfacing in Massachusetts are attempts by gun-ban groups and individuals, including former president of the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA) John Rosenthal, to pass even more stringent regulations on private gun clubs.

"These draft regulations violate the First Amendment right of shooting ranges to peacefully assemble on private property to engage in a lawful and safe past time; that also happens to be protected by the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms," said NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence G, Keane.

NSSF is playing an active role in opposing these regulations -- regulations which include requiring shooting clubs to obtain a special government license and submit a detailed "safety plan" to their local police department 30 days prior to holding any shooting-related event. In response to a Boston Globe article that quoted Rosenthal, now chairman of a group called Stop Handgun Violence, as saying the regulations "make perfect sense." NSSF responded with a prompt letter to the editor.

Editorial Commentary: This makes perfect sense, and by "perfect sense" I mean no fucking sense at all. It is devoid of sense. It is sense-free. It is utterly uncontaminated by sense. Because how much handgun violence takes place at shooting ranges in Mass?

Maybe if they changed the name to "Stop People Having Fun Under Safe Conditions, " this would start to make sense.


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