Monday, August 3, 2009

Tonight's Cocktail: Russell's Reserve

The bourbon for this evening is Russell's Reserve, a 90-proof 10-year old bourbon.

Its smoothness combined with what the literature strapped to the bottle calls "notes of oak and vanilla" masks a kick like a mule, and when it comes oozing out of your skin the next morning, it smells like the laundry room at a home for alcoholic lumberjacks.

Good stuff, though. Too bad Austin Nichols is owned by the insufferable Frogs at Pernod Ricard.


Anonymous said...

Libertyman here - you have fine taste in bourbon, have you tried Blanton's? I am still admiring your Garand!

MeatAxe said...

Thanks for the steer. I have not tried Blanton's, but you bet I will. My current selection is Evan Williams, Four Roses, and Russells. I also partial to Bulleit, Elmer T. Lee, Buffalo Trace and Elijah Craig.

MeatAxe said...

Oh, also --- The CMP still has Service Grade and Special Grade Garands available.

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