Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TAMCO Steel: The Eternal Enemy. By Way of NPR, The Other Eternal Enemy

A couple weeks ago, I got an invite from my wife to take one of those insufferable Facebook quizzes -- "What NPR Correspondent Are You?"

I refused on the grounds that no matter what answers you gave, the result would be "Smug Leftist."

And yesterday, distilled essence of smug dripped out of the radio and pooled in the wheel wells, as NPR correspondents reported on Project Isaiah. Project Isaiah is the name given by TAMCO Steel to its work with law enforcement, melting down guns seized by California law enforcement during raids, traffic stops, etc.

You could hear the glee in Steven Cuevas' voice as he described how the Evil Evil guns are turned into rebar by a blast furnace that heats up to about 10,000 degrees.

Given that these guns are already in police hands, its hard to see how anyone is made safer by their destruction. But, that's just what NPR and TAMCO claimed.

If that doesn't annoy you, try this: one of the guns melted down yesterday was a Depression-era Thompson.


Atom Smasher said...

The only way to reach a lefty like that is to offer to start tossing books into a blast furnace too. It's the only thing they respect.

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