Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stop That Pigeon!

Just a breaking wave of murky thought really, after some reading of various blog thingies and listening to various radio thingies for a week:

Congressional Term Limits. Now. Please.

Yes, I know it's not in the Constitution, and I know the Founders set it up so we'd get the government we deserve, but holy flippin' mackerel give me an Amendment petition I can sign or something.

Frank, Dodd, Kennedy, Voinovich, Byrd, and I'm sure a host of others from EITHER party (as well as past stars like Cunningham) are living proof that ten years or so is long enough for anyone to serve in either house of Congress. No matter what their intentions or goals, the system proves to be more powerful than their desires or backbones more often than not, and unless we take away the ability to gerrymander they will continue to be children deciding how many of our cookies to eat before dinner.



MeatAxe said...

and the way things are going, they'll decide how many cookies we can eat before dinner too. soon after the passage of a government health plan, it will be illegal to be fat.

Atom Smasher said...

Or ugly, or stupid, or a Gypsy, or...?

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