Friday, June 26, 2009

The Real Problem With Lefties... that they really have no concept of private property. I used to listen to our local Air America station pretty regularly on my way to and from work. During the election I had to give it up because even the calm, logical afternoon guy, Tom Hartman, felt it was likely that Sarah Palin's child wasn't really hers. In short - he is just as batshit insane in his own way as Mike Milloy is.

Anyway, I'm driving in today and I pop over to Hartman's show for a lark, and it's his regular Friday hour with Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, a caller, and I'm assuming some yakking about Obama's health care putsch. The caller says, true to form, that if the right wing is so whiney about costs, "just repeal the Bush tax cuts" to which Hartman immediately responds "go back to the Reagan tax cuts".

Which is so prototypical it makes me laugh. Need money? Just take it from someone else.

And they really really really don't see anything wrong with that. I think that has to be the most primal difference between liberals and conservatives, and it's a telling one. It's why I have no problem slapping the label of "socialist" on most liberals and their ideas - because at their heart, most of their ideas involve the concept that nothing really belongs to anyone; everything belongs to The State.


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