Thursday, June 18, 2009

Barney Frank: So Easy To Hate

I don't need another reason to loathe that odious, bombastic shit Barney Frank. But in its generosity, the Universe keeps providing them.

As we all know, General Motors is firing workers and closing plants and facilities as part of it's restructuring plan. One of the facilities was a parts distribution warehouse in Norton, Mass that employed 90 people. When he learned that a GM facility in his district was about to be closed, Rep. Frank (D) (duh) called GM CEO Fritz Henderson and got the warehouse a 7-month extension.

When you are the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, you can do that kind of thing. Lex bovis, non jovis*, after all.

Apparently Frank's long experience not working in the car industry (or any other industry) means he knows better than the poor bastards who are trying to unfuck GM. Or maybe the kind of arrogant, ignorant, dictatorial idiocy that would not be out of place on a Soviet apparachik just comes naturally to him.

If this is the kind of enlightened stewardship practiced by the US Congress, we might as well give up now and start importing all our cars from China.

*The law is for the cattle, not the gods.


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