Thursday, May 28, 2009

"For Me, Not For Thee" Part IV

So let me get this straight.

If I was interviewing for a counter job at Denny's, and I said "Yeah, well, I think a white guy makes better decisions based on being a white guy than, say, an Hispanic chick." I'd be laughed at, pointed at, called a racist, and generally be thought of as an embarrassment to anyone who knew me.

But if I'm an Hispanic chick applying to sit for the Supreme Court of the United States and I say Latina chicks make better decisions than white dudes, because of their inherent Latina-chickyness, no one is supposed to be aghast?

Because that's what I'm a-hearin' via the Air America gents I listen to occasionally.

Lefties are simply amazing in their capacity for ignorance and self-delusion.


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