Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whats the Best Round for Pirates?

I think we're going to ask this question more frequently in the coming weeks.*

The pirates have Vowed Revenge and will now be attacking more American shipping, after we shot 3 of them in the head instead of paying them millions of dollars to give our captain back.

Just today there was another attack on an American ship that was apparently driven off, even though the pirates shot it up with RPGs and assault rifles.

This should be a very interesting situation as it develops. We don't have enough naval forces in the region to guard every ship, so eventually the pirates will get one. When they do capture some American sailors, I wonder if they'll execute them.

In response we may start convoying ship or putting armed guards or even more powerful weaponry on some of the cargo ships. We may even see the return of the Q-ship.

Lets just hope we don't see another Blackhawk Down scenario on a cargo ship.

Random thought: ever since the Mumbai attacks Ive started to wonder if life isn't imitating video games -- Rainbow Six: Vegas, to be precise.

*The answer is probably a toss up between 7.62x51 or .308 ,cause that's what the military uses, but I bet you there is a strong case to be made for 7mm magnum with a 160 grain bullet, or even .338 Lapua which can drive a 250 grain round at over 3000 fps for about a quarter mile, and a 300 grain pill at about 2850fps.


cnick said...

I have it on good authority that they were using
MK-11 .308's (see here

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