Friday, February 6, 2009

Russian Airforce Defeats Russian Airforce

The Russian airforce, in a decisive engagement, has defeated 1/3 of its own fighter planes.

According to recent reports in the newspaper Kommersant, the air force grounded 1/3 of its fighters after a recent MiG-29 crash in Siberia.

Apparently crash investigators discovered corrosion in the aircrafts fuselage that turned out to be widespread.

I just want all the readers of this blog to know that 27 years ago, my mother was asked about the effectiveness of the Soviet military, and she responded that if the elevators in the missile silos were anything like the ones in our Moscow apartment building, a tiny percentage of the crews would make it down to the firing stations. Also the tanks would break down, or be traded for bannanas, and nobody would be able to find gasoline for any of the trucks.

Its nice to know that not much has changed in 27 years.

A hilarious addendum. Apparently the Algerians recently sent back a number of MiG-29 fighter planes they bought from Russia, complaining of substandard manufacturing. Damn. When the Algerians start complaining, you have problems.


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