Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let Me Get This Straight

A six month run-up of congressional debate, international diplomacy, and detailed journalistic digging and Executive Branch outlining, is a "rush to war".

But a 24 hour ramrod of an $800 billion dollar check written by Democrats, for Democrats, in the dark and over a weekend, is somehow less outrageous?

Do people even listen to themselves?


cnick said...

I don't think the comparison is apt. The run-up to the Iraq war was based on that uniquely Cheney-esque combination of lies, arrogance, and willfull ignorance, and did untold damage to our national security with no discernible benefit.

In the current situation, virtually everyone agrees that swift action is needed. The only question is what form the action should take. Also, this bill has been in development for some time now (at least a month as far as I can tell) so I would hardly call it "in the dark over the weekend."

That being said, I think the whole thing is misguided, even though I personally stand to benefit $15,000 from the proposed homebuyer tax credit.

Atom Smasher said...

I think it is an apt comparison simply because of the magnitude of each decision and the difference in response from the "responsive classes" (to borrow and bend a Schumerism).

As far as "virtually everyone agrees" that is of course untrue. Plenty of people maintain that either no government action at all, or a completely different sort of action should be considered. And whenever the Senate gets a nasty bill on a Friday and rams it through along party lines over a Sat-Sun-Mon, I think my description is apt.

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