Friday, February 27, 2009

He's Mister Snow Miser

Last several years? "Hmm, I live in Minnesota. 6-8" of snow, I think I'll hope that, assuming I can get home at all, I don't get stuck in an 8" drift because my Saturn has about 3" of ground clearance and they don't plow very well the first night on my back streets and will I make it up the alleyway to my driveway and over the plow-ridge or will I be able to make it UP the little hill so I can come DOWN the alleyway and try to make that tight turn in lots of churned-up snow with no momentum and I think I wore the right shoes for shoveling my car out at 12:30am."

Tonight? "Hmm, I live in Minnesota. 6-8" of snow, I'll just pop the Jeep into 4WD and - Holy Crap! By Finnegan's shiny tunic, I'm home already."

Mileage? Immeasurably low.

Satisfaction? Immeasurably high.


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