Friday, December 19, 2008

This is News, Apparently

The AP in its wisdom has run a story with this headline:

Mother of Palin daughter's boyfriend arrested

What next, I ask?
Guy Who Sat Next To Palin In Math Class 25 Years Ago Seen To Litter Brazenly


BobG said...

The media seems quite obsessed with her; she must have scared them more than anyone realized.

cnick said...

Personally, I hope to never see another news story about her again.

MeatAxe said...

In this, I'm sure you will be disappointed. Incidentally, my dearest wish is to win some kind of gun-nerd contest and get to go caribou hunting with La Palin and family. Seriously.

cnick said...

Your Russian skills would come in handy, Alaska being so close to that country.

MeatAxe said...

You never know. There may be a few odd Russians left around. They did used to own it, you know.

And oddly enough, nearly every Russian I met when I was over there swore up and down that we didn't buy Alyeska from them, but rented it.

And that we were taking advantage of them by hanging on to it.

I got the sense that they definitely wanted it back. Not that this has anything to do with Palin, but I'm easily distracted.

cnick said...

By that reasoning, one might find a few Frenchmen hanging around where I live, since after all we did purchase this land from France...

MeatAxe said...

Well, not exactly. But you do find them in Tunisia, which they once owned, in Algeria, which they also once owned, and they still speak French all over Africa -- remnants of French colonialism.

Additionally, also, and in addition, one finds the British in South Africa (which they once owned) in Australia (which they once owned) and in Hong Kong, (Which they once owned.)

Ranging somewhat away from the point, they make a fantastic lager in Windhoek, Namibia (which was once a German colony), and a fairly decent brew -- TsingTao -- in China (which wasn't, but had a great deal of German visitors)

Whats my point? Imperial powers leave traces behind. As it happens, there were never more than a couple hundred Russians in Alaska at one time (a quick Google search reveals) but maybe they sail over and visit?

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