Friday, November 7, 2008

Windmills on the Moon

On the one hand, I heard on NPR this morning that Obama might leave Gates in place as Secretary of Defense, which I found quite surprising in a happy, bipartisan way.

On the other hand, there's talk that Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who is completely insane, might be proposed for the head of the EPA.

This is the same guy who has:
  • Quoted Hermann Goering to make the claim (I'm not going to dignify his rantings with the word 'argument') that we are living in a Facist state
  • Proposed the US nationalize it's oil companies.
  • Claimed that Hugo Chavez is the "kind of leader my father and President Kennedy were looking for" in Latin America."
  • Refers to his conservative political opponents as "traitors" and "Flat-Earthers." Real bipartisan.
  • Claimed, without any actual proof that there was a connection between vaccination and autism, which frankly makes him a crackpot and calls into serious question his ability to draw connections between facts and policy, something that's kind of important to the head of a government agency
Hat tip to the guys over at RedState: Moe Lane says "By the way, Mr. Kennedy: I'm pretty sure that if your father and uncle had encountered Mr. Chavez back then, they'd have ended up trying to have him assassinated. Incompetently."


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