Sunday, November 30, 2008

He Chose... Poorly

In the wake of the recent Republican spanking, I thought I'd sum up my views. No charts, no numbers, no hat tips, no links, just an opinion. Anyway, here's how I see Presidential politics:

It's a choice between getting shot in the buttocks with a .22LR or in the chest with a .45ACP.

That's it. Unless you happen to be the outlier fringicon who actually sees 100% of what you want in one of the two candidates that finally get pooped out of the primary intestinal tracts, that's all you've got. One of the candidates is going to be at least slightly less repulsive than the other.

You're gonna get shot.

They've showed you the ordnance.

They've demonstrated that both pieces work reliably.

You have a chance to put a vote in.

You can rest assured that millions of others are making a choice for you.

So in my view, turning your back on the process because you'd rather not be shot at all is the equivalent of a vote for a .45ACP slug in your chesty-parts.

To me, it's no more compicated than that.



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