Friday, November 14, 2008

Fancy That

Well golly gee, it turns out that Obama and Ayers are and have been much closer than Obama stated was true during the campaign. And it's just coming out now in the Weak Stream Media. My lefty friends all laughed and p-shawed me during the campaign when I brought up the "but you're voting for someone who is a radical leftist, and has always been closely associated with radical leftists and terrorists."

"Silly Atom Smasher, hating on the commies again," they'd say. "And besides, the guy who said he'd stick to public campaign financing also said he didn't know him, the Bad Things he did were a long time ago, and besides, "he's just a guy in my neighborhood", so chill out, tovarich."

Shocked I am now to find out that with all the parties, and the sponsorships, and the book forwards, that they really have had a much more substantial relationship. Shocked! Not that that would have apparently mattered to my friends much, because I guess Bush once read something off of an intel report from a trusted ally about yellow cake, and it turned out to be not true, or true, or more like purple sponge or something. So that's what real lying is in a President or candidate, and that's what's really important in these here parts.

Do that, and we can burn you in effigy. Lie like a stuttering five-year-old caught with a mouthful of chocolate chips, and by the Power of Greyskull we will drag your skinny ass into the Oval Office with tears streaming down our gape-jawed faces.

Fancy that.


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