Friday, November 21, 2008


For the next 4 years, will dissent be as patriotic as it was for the last 8?


porcus said...

who are you kidding?

for about 4 years, with the Rove machine in place, even questioning our motives in iraq or the effectiveness of our plan in iraq and afghanistan meant you got labeled as a terrorist sypathizer, a spineless yellow bellied traitor. Or even worse: French.


MeatAxe said...

You are missing my point a little, pigboy. The folks who questioned the motives, effectiveness, etc. claimed that dissenting was patriotic.

What I'm asking is "will those same people consider it equally patriotic to question the Obama administration or disagree with their approach?"

FWIW, I'm in favor of dissent.

Jack Nutting said...

Questioning authority is always a good idea. Sometimes you can question authority, and find that the answer that comes back is completely acceptable. If you keep harping on it past that point, then it's probably just noise rather than patriotism, but if there's a real issue that's not being dealt with, then sure, continued dissent is patriotic.

That's why dissent during the current administration has been patriotic; The men in charge are perhaps the worst set of crooks ever to seize executive control of our country, and their ill deeds have gone entirely unpunished.

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