Thursday, November 27, 2008

Coolant Leak!

Okay, I don't know what the Star Trek: Next Generation ships have running through their engine systems, but every time they bust a pipe someone starts yowling "COOLANT LEAK!" and running away like a spooked cat.

One can only assume that it's high-pressure Plutonium gel, or Andorian pus, or maybe Ouzo. Whichever, it's clearly not something you want to be involved with. Maybe they should have stuck to plain old antifreeze. Sure, it's no picnic to drive from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Boston, Massachusetts in a Ford Escort with a cracked heater core in a frigid December; but as I recall, even when we absolutely had to turn on the defroster and it kinda-sorta melted the haze on the windshield while at the same time spritzing a fine mist of stinky blue stuff into the car, neither me nor my roomie and driving partner spent a lot of time yelling "COOLANT LEAK! WE'VE GOT A COOLANT LEAK!"

Of course, that was in 1987. Sci-fi nerds that we both are/were, had it happened a few years into the show we'd've added "COOLANT LEAK!" to our already-dizzying array of secret language codes that roomies always seem to develop as eagerly as we had "No arms - no legs! THE DETROIT RIVER!"

Yes, that phrase actually conveyed meaning betwixt Peter & I. Scary things, roommates.


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